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Guest Post: is now growing faster than before because of the readers. We are so much thankful to all our readers. Many of you also want to share your thoughts and some articles with us. Here we are going to provide you a platform there everyone can post an articles to our site.

Here are the rules of posting articles:

1. Article must be in Hindi language and must contain some English words which is easy to understand.
2. Article can be on any topic which is easy to understand.
3. Your articles must contain 500 and more words.
4. The conclusion of the article should be very clear.
5. You can use English word and phrase in that. e.g you can write difficult instead of कठिन, or energy instead उर्जा.
6. It should not be someone's copyright or copy paste material. it must be original and your own creation.

Earn money through

You can also earn money through our website by writing your own Hindi articles.
You will be paid ₹10/- per article, but you must follow all the rules mentioned above. So if you are interested to work with us contact us.

Send your articles on, now we are waiting your your articles...